Gerald Pfeisinger

Gerald Pfeisinger
Head of Brand Design


Gerald Pfeisinger, MA

Gerald has been designing and conceptualizing international brands for 20 years in the pharmaceutical, OTC, skincare and life science sectors. 

In 2014, he won a Trigos Award (Austria’s award for responsible business) for the best partnership with his social engagement at an Austrian pharmaceutical company. 

Gerald believes that good design represents a value that goes beyond the measurable and thus makes an important contribution to society. For him, brand design is the link between strategy and customer experience, making a brand a unique experience. He is a trained graphic designer and recently graduated with a Master of Arts in Information Design.  


In projects, it is often my task to filter and reprocess already existing information together with the customer. Surprisingly, a lot is then usually already available. We reassemble arguments and create an authentic brand together. Brand design rounds off the brand and then ensures the right reception by the end consumer. At Great by Date, the concept is similar. Products that are already available are offered for sale and not destroyed. This protects the environment and as a father of two daughters, I am happy to be able to make my contribution to making this world a slightly better place.
Personally, I love the well-known white sheet of paper. At the beginning of a project, there are many ideas and considerations that later take on concrete form through design. It is this graphic design that later creates the value of a brand. Walter Landor once said: “Products are created in a factory, but brands are created in the mind”. Brand Design is the tool to create brands in the head.
Yes, it does. You can use good design to inform people, educate them, and make them think. In today’s digital world, we are overloaded with information. Only those who position themselves clearly and visualize their core values accurately will be perceived correctly. And for a good cause … that’s great!